Born in Ragusa in 1979.
Photographer and graphic designer.
Since 2003 he is creative director of the brand Siculamente.
2005: made "Fragments ," a report on the theater workshops and manuals of some disabled children in Sicily.
2006: produced with Siculamente the short films "Island" and "Capture " by A. De Filippo , two documentaries on the life and capture of several members of Mafia clans in Eastern Sicily sentenced to life imprisonment and prisoners in the maximum security prison of Bicocca / Catania.
2007: founded Wartoy , video-photographic collective that deals primarily with issues related to the war.
2008: recorded with Wartoy " NordKivu 09" a photo - video reports on child soldiers and the mining of gold and diamonds in the region of North Kivu (Democratic Republic of Congo).
In the same year with the project " Virtue & Pain in Sicily ," a report on the mixing between the sacred and the profane of his land.
2010: created the "Who Does What" , a video-photographic reportage on the militarization of Muhanga in North Kivu & Across Mexico, the new tourist colonization in Mexico.
2011: made " Living and Surviving in Kivu ", a report on the living conditions of the area between Beni and Kimbulu.
Since 2012 he is director of Inkivu Project, a multimedia channel that aims to sharing free information relating to the Great Lakes Area ( Kivu / DRC - Uganda - Rwanda) and to train young reporter for the production of photo - video material on site.

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